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Project description

This PowerShell script helps you to install a SharePoint Cumulative Update package.

Why do I need a script ?

You don't need this script. You can just download the Cumulative Update extract and install it but...

The process for a clean installation of the SharePoint Cumulative Update needs services to be disabled and a farm account as installer account.

The script does all the checks for you, stops the needed services and runs the SharePoint Configuration wizard after reboot.

How to use the script

The script consists of 3 files. Just place them and the extracted cumulative update package into the same folder and edit the AutoSPInstaller_Config.xml file.

Now open the SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator and run the script ./AutoSPCUInstaller.ps1.

That's it !

Remote Install

You can also leave the Cumulative Update Installation file somewhere in the network and configure the path to the file within the configuration file.

One drawback of this method is that the script can determine when the installation is finished, therefore it asks you if the process has finished.


To display help, go to the script folder and enter:

Get-Help ./AutoSPCUInstaller.ps1

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